Saturday, May 15, 2010

Total Disregard For Public Safety

On Friday May 14th I was driving northbound on Horizon Blvd when I witnessed a Texas State Trooper loose her composure and pulled something straight out of a Dukes of Hazzard episode.

At about 1:30 pm I saw a female Trooper pull over a car heading southbound on Horizon Blvd. It was nothing out of the ordinary, that female trooper is infamous for pulling people over on that stretch of road. We have seen her leave a man who was stranded without any gas on the side of the road one day and watched her as she sped away to pull another car over to give them a ticket.

Back to yesterday's event. I saw the Trooper start walking back to her vehicle and saw her signaling to the oncoming traffic to move over as if saying give the queen her space. I had passed her position by this time but continued to watch from my rear view mirror.

Well it seemed that someone did not move over enough to her liking. The Trooper jumped into her vehicle and slammed it into drive. The squad car fishtailed throwing up rocks and dirt on the car she had already pulled over. It was watching like watching Roscoe P Coltrane go after those darn Duke boys.

If that wasn't bad enough, the Trooper actually went on the right side of the pulled over car. Yeah, the female Trooper was already on the shoulder when she went into the dirt to pass the parked car then cut off all traffic to pursue the vehicle that didn't give my prima donna her space. That showed complete disregard for public safety. She put people's lives on the line to harass someone for questioning her authority.

I didn't witness any wrong doing by anyone. I didn't see anyone speeding or breaking any law. Now, I'm no expert but as far as I know it is not against the law to drive to the left of the shoulder. That's called the street for those who didn't get it.

I was tempted to to follow in the Troopers footsteps and bust a U-turn in the middle of traffic, weave in and out of traffic, bump a couple cars out of the way like they do in the movies and have absolutely no damage to my ride. But then I realized that was not a very good idea. My stunt double had taken the day off so if I would have been pulled over I would be the one in jail, again, and not my stunt double.

I'm tired of seeing this kind of stuff happen over and over so I called in to make a complaint as soon as I saw it happen. I was told that a Sergeant would call me shortly. I asked the person on the phone for their name to have as a point of contact. The male on the phone told me not to worry that a Sergeant would call me. He was talking to me in in one of those demeaning "I said it was going to get done" tones of voice. I just love it when they do that, don't you? It just gives me more to write about.

Four hours later and still no call. I called back again to follow up on my report. The first hing they asked me was "Who did you talk to?". Yeah, you saw that one coming. With no point of contact and with no refrence number I was spinning my wheels like a trooper on Horizon Blvd. I was transferred to a sergeant Ramos but was only able to talk to his voicemail. It is Saturday morning and still no call. It is a Saturday so I won't wait by my phone because the call probably won't be coming in.

Instead of waiting I took the complaint to the world wide web. I went to the texas Department of Public Safety website and put in my complaint. Now I have a complaint number. #20100120

I'll keep you guys posted on the outcome.

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