Saturday, May 8, 2010

Larry, Larry Quite Contrary


It seems that Larry Medina, former candidate for El Paso County Judge, may have had other reasons to try to remove his name from the ballot. I know, I was fooled just like you were by the tear jerker performance he gave and by the did it for my new born child excuse.

Recently released documents may shed some light on his attempt to withdraw from the race. The documents that have been revealed to me show that Larry Medina, owner of Pan American Insurance, was under investigation by ICE for allegedly hiring unauthorized workers. According to documents from the Department of Homeland Security the investigation was initiated March 7, 2007 after receiving some information about the business.

Larry Medina and Pan American Insurance were subjected to an extensive investigation. On July 3, 2007, ICE officers conducted and inspection of Pan American Insurance to determine compliance with Section 274A of the Immigration and Nationality Act. After inspecting 34 I-9 forms 31 were discovered to display technical or procedural failures to meet the employment verification requirements of Section 27A(b) of the Act. The same documents do state that these technical or procedural failures are violations only if they remain uncorrected. Larry had a chance to fix the problem.

Pan American failed to correct the failures and failed to request a hearing before an administrative law judge so the Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement slapped Larry with a $36,300 fine. The original fine was nearly $100,000 as each violation was going to cost him $1,100. Larry got a heck of a deal and he still blew it off.

E-mails dated September 24, 2009 show that Pan American Insurance had not paid the fine and that it was ICE's intent to let the account go to the Debt Collection Council then to Treasury if payment was not made.

There is no record of any payment or payment arrangement in the 180 page document before me. Do you know how long and tedious it is to read through that many pages?

This issue might have been brought up during the election by one of his opponents if he continued to run so he chose to, uh, do I dare say it?, chose to bow out gracefully. Well it wasn't really graceful now that I think about it. It was more like a circus act.

Larry pranced around with his silver bells and cockleshells as he had us like pretty maids all in a row believing his fables. I don't know what is worse, him breaking the law or his charades.

I don't know about you but I'm a little too old for nursery rhymes.


  1. hmmmm, let me you have any problem with your homeboy co-host not paying his due to a different gov't agency that has documents showing non-compliance with the law?

    oh, wait, the silence is deafening

  2. Diverting the attention to try to minimize the issue is such lame tactic and praticed way to often by politicians here in El Paso. No one is perfect or free of errors. But he who chooses to lie to constituants and is caught will be subject to the court of public opinion.

    bang! bang! The court is now in session.

    My words will not convict him or even make a difference in the matter, unless you think otherwise. Best case scenario this will be talked about for a week or so, a few people will chuckle, a payment arrangement will be made and it will all be forgotten like everything else that happens in El Paso. Worst case scenario I will be taken off of his Christmas Card list. Oh well.

    Now lets see how he handles the issue. Will he do the honorable thing and take the high road and tell the public it was a slight oversight and that he will take care of the problem. Or will he do what others have done and go on the attack only to make themselves look like fools to the public. Honestly I think he will take door number two Bob. But maybe that is me using reverse psycology to get him to do what I really want. Who knows? Lets see how it pans out.

    You hear that? It's the ball bouncing on your court now.

  3. As we all know Larry chose door number 2. Let's see how this game plays out.


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