Thursday, May 13, 2010

Just A Crazy Observation

The Truth

The Feminine Makeovers

The Demeanor

The Experience

Does anyone know if a State Representative Elect has any pull in getting a warrant out on someone who blogged about them? Cuz if they do I'm pulling this post down. I'm getting tired of being arrested for posting things on my blog. What ever happened to freedom of speech? What happened to our Constitutional rights? What ever happened to the law of the land?

Freedom of speech has costed me about $3250 in the last two years! Each time the officer said, O.K. your bail has been paid, you are "Free" to go.

I tried putting it on my tax return as a deduction this year and the tax preparer told me to shut the F up! There we go again back to step one.

I have a dream...... where one day a little brown boy will be able to speak his mind without fearing retaliation......I have a dream!!!

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