Sunday, May 30, 2010

Liar, Liar Pants on Fire

It has been an interesting last couple of weeks. My late night writing has stirred up the pot around town.

I have to admit it is humbling to see that people are reading my blog and it amazes me to see that my posts can cause such controversy.

The two previous posts on Larry Medina have affected me in several ways. I was arrested less than 48 hrs after posting the original story, I had "A Talk" with management and I was threatened at a debate.

Larry had the nerve to put his hands on me and tell me "Portate bien"(be good) or I'll make sure to take care of you." I had security escort him out after I repeatedly asked him to leave politely.

Larry kept referring to me as carnal. I had posted on FaceBook that I did not appreciate him calling me that. I was told by a good friend that he always calls people carnal. For the non-spanish speaking readers "Carnal" is used in the same context as brother.

Then I started to think. "Carnal" is very commonly used in this region. It is used by the Barrio Azteca Prison Gang. They use "Carnal" to identify themselves and their associates as members of the notorious gang. If you are met in a dark alley and someone asks you if you are a "Carnal" they are asking you if you are an Azteca gang member.

I don't know about you but I wouldn't like to be associated with something I didn't belong too and I don't use any language that might lead anyone to believe otherwise.

Larry was taking his sweet time leaving the building. I think it was the suit and tie that got him the VIP escort instead of the immediate ejection. So I went into interview mode. I jumped in front of him and asked Larry about his ICE investigation and what he thought about SB 1070 penalizing employers for hiring unauthorized workers.

All of a sudden Larry couldn't get out fast enough. He once again said that they were all lies! That I was making everything up.

Let's look at this a little closer. One day I am a complete liar then a few days later in an interview with the El Paso Times the investigation did take place but it was an employee's fault for not passing on the information.Come on Larry, make up your mind. Did it happen or did it not? Stop blaming your employees.

Speaking of employees, an employee was overheard saying "que no se haga pendejo Larry, he has PanAmerican because of me if the Texas Insurance board ever find out he will lose his business and I will loss my licenses too." OUCH!

I think this is bad timing and unfortunate for Larry. But he brings it upon himself. He could have taken the high road but he decided to go on the attack and I think all this does is puts Larry on the same page as other famous Liars. All those conquistador awards are down the drain thanks to this.


You should just hang up your political career on a telephone wire!

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