Thursday, May 6, 2010

Say Good Bye to Manny Barraza

I will make this short and sweet. What can I say. Manny Barraza got what he deserved and this song sums it all up.

I will say this though. I remember his brother screaming "you'll see in November" on the campaign trail when Barraza was running for office. Now he will see his brother through a glass partition for the next five Novembers.

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  1. All I know is that this damn city of El Paso voted for corruption and against a Constitution-abiding judge who could blow any of the other judges in El Paso out of the water in judging cases. I'm talking about Judge Minton.

    Shame on El Paso for their disgusting habits of electing criminals in all aspects of our political arena, especially the judiciary.

    It tells the rest of Texas voters a little about the true nasty nature of those in the majority who vote for corruption in El Paso and those who refuse to vote to stop the corruption.


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