Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Response by Bobby Ortiz

Wow, two submissions by two of the most influential members of the El Paso LNRC on the same day. Thank you Bobby for your insight. I look up to Bobby and Connie equally, they are two of the people that actually made the El Paso LNRC possible. Thank you guys, any more and you guys are going to put me out of a job.

Dear friends I submit this point of view for your consideration.

I understand what you are saying; but we are either a country of laws that are duly constituted or we are not. All laws should be respected and abided by until duly changed. Undermining Arizona Law under the name of social conscience is unconscionable in itself. If we are really to consider our self Americans, we should uphold our laws. Our heritage from which we come from will withstand any perceived attacks which have not happened yet. Making us different by our liberal friends is what is wrong. Not being held accountable and responsible is what is wrong. Not enforcing the laws because we find it more politically correct is wrong. The Catholic church would be the first to ostracize persons, who deny dogma. I respect that and in a way duly constitute law is dogma. "Render to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's. How can the church be more tolerant of abortion than this legal issue?
There is a process for changing law; and it is not by undermining the law; it is by either challenging it in the courts or by electing officials who will change it. If the liberals want to keep on making us different instead of Americans, let them continue. The country is fed up with this; and we will see a back lash at the polls this November.
Bilingual education is considered a handicapping tool instead of an empowering tool by some of us who were taught English through immersion. Should we have bilingual education for all ethnic groups of immigrants or should we all become proficient in the language of our country. We can not expect others to be color blind if we ourselves are not. Why is it that other Latin groups (i.e., Italian Americans, Spanish Americans, Portuguese Americans and French Americans) are not hyphenated Americans. Interestingly, even some of the South American immigrants are not hyphenated Americans. Are some of the Black and some of the Hispanics so brow beat that they must still live in the past?
We have all earned our right to be Americans by serving our country and obeying the laws. We do not need to defend ourselves as hyphenated; BUT SIMPLY AS AMERICANS. If anyone breaks a law of discrimination or any other law, that person should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Why are we now afraid of our own legal system. Where are the liberals taking this country to. Why are we confusing ourselves when we have the oldest and constant legal system in the world.

Let us quit living an impractical oxymoron. The liberals in this country are the only ones that recognize hyphenated citizens. As you know, in Mexico, they are all Mexicans irrespective of Religion or Ethnic Heritage.



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