Monday, April 12, 2010

Why TLR? Why not one of us?

The race for District 76 has been and interesting one to say the least.
There has been alot of dirty campaigning and very little talk about issues. There was very little talking at all. In fact there was more screaming and yelling than anything else.

One of the issues that was not brought up by mainstream media that was very significant in my mind was the 96% funding of one candidate by TLR. As a Democrat people should find a problem with a Republican group funding a Democrat candidate.

But as a Republican I find it insulting and so should you. Why did TLR give a Democrat about $400k to run against another Democrat? Some people in Austin might say that a Republican can't win in El Paso. Really? Maybe because we don't get the support we need from Austin. Why didn't TLR give that money to a Republican in El Paso? You give me $400k and I'll make things happen or find another Republican who can. $400k can almost win by itself, just put a suit on it. Oh wait, I think they did.

Giving a Democrat candidate that much money is not a very good investment. $400k for the District 76 Seat? That's a whole lot of money for a seat. What are you going to get out of it? OK, she might vote for some of your issues here and there but will still be a Democrat. You have given that much money to a part time Republican so really all your doing is trying to buy yourselves a time share for that seat.

Now if you had given that money to a full time Republican then you could have had someone vote conservatively in that seat on a full time basis. There are plenty of hard working qualified Republicans here in El Paso who deserve that money. Republicans who would stand a great chance of winning if they would only have that much support from Austin. Why TLR? Why not one of us?

You stand for conservative beliefs yet you don't believe in us.

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