Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Be Thankful

This weekend the LNRC was invited to take part in the First Thanksgiving hosted by the El Paso Mission Trail Association in San Elizario.

There was a whole lot of things going on. You had the First Thanksgiving reenactment, art displays, vendors, equestrian show, performances by gun fighters, ghost chasers,speakers, music, car show, bikers, food, there was definitely something for everyone.

I didn't see too many elected officials out there. But I do have to mention El Paso Mayor John Cook was out there with his guitar in hand. But there was another elected official out there.

State Representative Chente Quintanilla was out there early Saturday morning. Unfortunately he wasn't representing himself very well. He walked passed by our booth, looked back over his shoulder and muttered "What the hell are Republicans doing here? Don't you know you can't be Mexican and a Republican?"

Chente must have thought that I did not know who he was. In his defense, the way he was dressed he just looked like any grumpy old man. His attire did not reflect that of a State Representative and neither did his racialist remarks. I'm surprised he didn't say I wasn't Mexican enough because my name isn't Pancho or Chito or Paco.

I bit my tongue and pretended that I didn't know who he was. I wasn't going to stoop down to his level in public. I rather do it on my blog where more people can enjoy it.

Representative Quintanilla isn't exactly your model State Representative. He has a reputation in the House for being a laydown. He will sign anything that is put in front of him and untill recently had never sponsored a bill himself.

Chente Quintanilla had some students write up a bill to make the sopapilla the official pastry of Texas as a school project. It's bad enough that it was the only bill he has ever sponsored on his own but he didn't even draft it himself, he had kids do it for him.

He has been in office way to long and for someone whose campaign logo is "Chente por la jente" he definitely needs to learn how to speak to la jente. Treat people like you would like to be treated Representative Quintanilla, you never know, you just might insult someone who will blog about it. Be thankful you weren't in a Socorro city council meeting or it would have been up on you tube. Politics in the lower valley can get interesting.

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  1. Sammy anyone could have bought a booth and be part of the Art Market and yes, our Mayor was the only public official the day of the Reenactment. We had a wonderful welcome letter by our Governor and a Proclamation given by Commissioner's Court. Willy bought a beautiful painting from our opening event but not one elected official attended a single portion of our cultural conference. They obviously have no interest on learning our history. It is a shame!


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