Tuesday, April 27, 2010

El Paso Latino National Republican Coalition

El Paso LNRC Hosts Luncheon for Lt. Governor David Dewhurst

The El Paso Latino National Republic Coalition held its very first fundraiser Monday April 26, 2010. We were honored to host a luncheon for Lt. Governor David Dewhurst. Over 200 people heard the Lt. Governor speak on issues like taxes, the state budget and immigration. When asked about the controversial Arizona Senate Bill 1070 and if the state of Texas would pass a similar bill the Lt. Governor told the group that there was a better way to have handled the immigration issue. “We all came from somewhere else” he said and focused on the fiscal security of our state. According to the Lt. Governor having the federal government hire more border patrol agents to secure the borders instead of having the state of Texas pay millions of dollars to handle federal law is better way of handling the issue.

The El Paso LNRC is one of the newest chapters of the Texas LNRC. Our chapter has only been around for a few months but we are tackling a problem that has plagued El Paso for way too long. For many years conservative Latinos in El Paso have felt like they were left out, like they weren’t apart of something and have not participated in the local political process because of it. Our chapter is determined to change that and do everything we can to engage, empower and elect those of Latino heritage in our border community. We have taken a step closer to achieving those objectives by bringing in a speaker like Lt. Governor David Dewhurst to El Paso and introducing conservative Latino candidates at our event. Francisco Canseco candidate for Congress, Dan Chavez candidate for Senator District 29, Jaime O. Perez candidate for El Paso County Judge and Rene Diaz candidate for El Paso Community College Board of Trustees District 1 were all in attendance and introduced to the group. Two more candidates, Charlie Garza candidate for Texas State Board of Education and Gracie Valenzuela candidate for Justice of the Peace Precinct 4 were not in attendance due to scheduling conflicts but equally contribute to the conservative movement by Latinos in El Paso. The demand for conservatism by Latinos in El Paso is nothing new; it just hasn’t been tapped into properly by any group. We hope that the El Paso LNRC is the catalyst that finally makes this a reality in El Paso.

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