Sunday, April 18, 2010

Andy's Fundraiser

As many of you have heard Andy Cortes was in a shooting involving two off duty officers. He now has a bullet permanently lodged in his neck and has had two surgeries since the shooting April 1st. Andy's life has been drastically changed by this event. Andy did not have any health insurance and his family is struggling to take care of the staggering medical bills and does not have the means to purchase the medical equipment he will need on a daily basis. The family is asking for your help.

A fundraiser will be held Monday April 19th from 3pm-6pm on the corner of Yarbrough and Gateway West. Friends and family will hold containers with pictures of Andy collecting loose change at the same corner he was shot at on April 1st. It only takes a split second to help Andy, just like it only took a split second to change his life. Your participation would be greatly appreciated.

An account has been set up at Wells Fargo in Andy's name for those who can't attend but would like to contribute financially. The account number is 7606316987.

If you have any questions or would like to help please feel free to contact Sammy Carrejo at 915-633-4724 or at The family asks that anybody with information about the events that occurred on April 1st contact them by e-mail at GETWELLANDY@GMAIL.COM or by phone on a special hotline at 915-504-3588.


  1. Sammy can you link to the story(ies) about this so that we can know more details of what happened?

  2. Tell those officers to speak the truth! This young man will survive an his side will be told and maybe witnesses will find the courage to come forward.

  3. Is this the little cholo dirtbag that tried to flee an accident by hitting a woman with his car and got shot by the cop? Why on earth would you support him or his family?

  4. Oh you mean the cop that was cought lying and suspended for 80 hours after he lied about an incident that happened January 2, 2009, or the cop that was forced to take anger management clases as a result of a settlement, or the cop that racially profiled a high school student then roughed him up as the dash cam was recording? Is that the same cop you are talking about? Well it is, Jorge Gonzalez is the same cop. The Internal Affairs reprts don't lie, unfortunately the cop does. I will support any person who has been wrongfully treated or accussed by any law enforcement agency. The only dirt bag is the person who lacks the cajones to put his name on his post when he calls a paralyzed person a dirtbag! Go watch the news, inform yourself before you make a fool of yourself.

  5. Sammy C first of all I want to thank you for your blog as I am Andys Aunt who lives in the outskirts of Austin and the internet is my only daily news feed on my nephew. I would like to add if Anonymous has such a big mouth why does it hide what and who it is Coward comes to mind for a better suited name. I would like to get the word out in my area can you help me? I have posted info on my nephew on my space and facebook and I dont know what else I can do. I cant travel to El Paso right now, I wish I could beleive me. Andy to all of our family has and will always be our son to his aunts and uncles and my kids and nephews he is their big brother. He has a huge innocent heart that caused all of us to love him as such. He is in our prayers and thoughts every waking minute and in our dreams at night. Thank you once again and I wish Anonymous never has any member of its family in this situation, I would not wish this on anyone.


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