Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Should We Start To Worry.........How About Now?

For the last few weeks I have been criticized for something I wrote on a previous post and have been ridiculed on the radio by my friend and colleague on the left. All I did was ask a few simple common sense questions. This is the one that got ridiculed the most.

"How many of you feel so safe that you don't have look over your shoulder when you drive down I-10 by UTEP considering that Juarez is literally only a few feet away from you at that point?"

I posted that question on August 11th and had been made fun of for doing so. "Oh stop it", "it is disingenuous" and "do you really drive home looking over your shoulder on your way home from the West Side?" insinuating the West Side of El Paso is the safest side of town.

But as many of you have seen on the news or read in the papers another stray bullet came over from the spill over violence in Juarez, Mexico and hit a building here in El Paso. And where did it hit you ask? According to the El Paso Times "A single bullet struck Bell Hall on the campus of the University of Texas at El Paso sometime Saturday night." Yeah that is also known as UTEP. The same UTEP I talked about looking over my shoulder when driving home from the oh so safe West Side. What excuse am I gonna hear now?

It is just a coincidence. It could happen anywhere. It didn't hurt anyone so it doesn't really count. Come on!

Stray bullets hit City Hall and the most that was done about it was a question posted by City Representative Emma Acosta on her FaceBook profile.

"Emma Acosta- As the City Rep for District #3 and Mayor Pro-Tem of El Paso, I'd like to know your thoughts on the several gunshots apparently fired from Juarez, Mexico that hit City Hall on Tuesday Afternoon, and actually went through a wall where a meeting was being conducted by employees." June 30, 3:05 pm. I honestly had to hit the "unlike" on this one. I think the matter deserved more than just a post on a social website.

Just on Saturday we have a bullet hit the University and the El Paso Times is quick to write "Students not alarmed after stray bullet strikes UTEP building" to prevent mass hysteria. Yet on that same article a student was quoted as saying "It was scary that it could it have hit somebody.... You never know when it's going to happen again." Headlines like those are intended to influence those who don't take the time to read all the articles. Those people see the pictures, read the headlines and then go staright to the sports section or the wanted ads only having read half truths.

I can't believe that the media and our city and county leaders are trying to sweep this under the rug. The spill over violence is so under reported that we live under a false sense of security.

Jaime O. Perez, the El Paso County chief of staff and Republican candidate for El Paso County Judge, told the El Paso Times that relatives of an El Paso elected official were recently victims of a carjacking in Juarez. "The carjackers pointed a gun at a 7-year-old girl to intimidate the driver into surrendering the vehicle."

"I asked at a meeting of U.S. law enforcement officers why the carjacking wasn't publicized, and they said they did not want to create a panic," Perez told the El Paso Times..

They did not want to create panic? Keeping information from us makes us panic. Giving us the information as it becomes available makes us aware and allows us to prepare properly. I rather be ready than be scared.

But like always, it's all politics. This city is ran by a DemocratIC majority who has been fighting the border security issue by calling it racist and calling those who ask for border security xenophobes. So they will fight tooth and nail so they won't have to admit they are wrong and lose their biggest argument of calling those who are for border security anti-immigrant.

What are we going to have to see before these "leaders" do something about it? Will bullets have to hit Bowie High School, or Guillen Middle School? Or will a child have to loose his or her life at Aoy Elementary before our leaders do something about it? All those schools are very close to the border.

Rick Perry said it best: "We must ensure El Paso and other border communities remain a safe place for people to live, work and raise a family. It's time for Washington to stop the rhetoric and immediately deploy a significance force of personnel and resources to the border to protect our homeland."

Now let's see how liberals turn this statement into a racist comment and make it into something that is only intended to eliminate a certain ethnic group from the face of this earth. They tend to put on their super decoder rings and somehow read between the lines and find extra words and meanings that the rest of us mortals just can't see........

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  1. Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah? I didn't expect that answer. I think someone has a hard time admitting I was right about not feeling safe driving down I-10 by UTEP. But like I said on the post above, it's going to take loss of life for these liberals to start taking Border Security seriously. You never know, they might just say its just one life, that child could have very easily have died by running across the street. I did call the one about the shooting by UTEP and was right on the money about the reactions of those who claim Border Security is intended to keep Mexicans out. I just hope I'm wrong about their reactions if a child does lose their life.


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