Thursday, August 26, 2010

Larry Being Larry

A few weeks ago Larry Medina resigned from the Ethics Commission telling the local media that he did so to concentrate more on the expansion of his business. I sure hope he fills out all those I-9 forms properly for those new employees he has to hire. If you don't remember, Medina owes ICE over $30k for discrepancies found on 31 of  his 33 employees' work verification forms.

We all just took his resignation at face value and moved on. But did he really resign?

According to an e-mail from the city attorney's office obtained by a good source,  Medina called in and resigned by phone saying his resignation was effective immediately. When asked if he was going to submit his resignation in writing he said he was not going to submit anything.

If you all remember the Chairman of the Ethics Commission was recently arrested and resigned from his position. It is to my understanding that the Chairman had to send his resignation in writing to the Civil Service Commission who had nominated Medina to the commission to make it official.

If I understand that correctly, that means that Larry has to submit his resignation to Emma Acosta who nominated him. And since Medina said he was not going to submit anything, and has not to my limited knowledge, his resignation is not official. He is technically still a member of the ethics commission.

Oh great, here we go again. He just did the same thing with the County Judge race. He said he was in, then he shed some tears and said he was out. Then he was told he missed the deadline to withdraw so he was back in. Then he said he would sue to get his name off the ballot to be out. That failed so his name was left on the ballot but he said he would not campaign so he was out of the race. But if you drove down I-10 his huge campaign billboards still were up telling us he was in the race. What is wrong with this guy?

Larry must either love to be in the headlines or thinks we are all that stupid. I just hope this doesn't earn him another conquistador award.

 We all have to admit, this is just another example of  Larry being Larry.

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