Thursday, August 12, 2010

Response To Harry Reid's Comments

The El Paso Latino National Republican Coalition finds the comments made by Harry Reid to be racialist and demeaning to the Hispanic Community. For many years Hispanics have been a part of the Republican Party not only in El Paso but nationally and the numbers have been steadily growing as more and more Hispanics find themselves being over taxed, don't want big government and are tired of working hard so others can live off of social programs. For Harry Reid to even think that all Hispanics should think a certain way only feeds into the stereotype that all Hispanics should also all look a certain way and should all talk a certain way. His comments should not be taken lightly as Mr. Reid has a history of making racially charged statements. We ask that the Senate Majority Leader step down as his actions are not those of someone who should be leading.

El Paso LNRC Mission Statement:

To Engage the Latino community in local Republican Party activities and to work for the advancement of the Party’s principles, policies, and candidates, and to support the platform of the Republican party

To Empower the Latino community by given them a voice, insuring the rightful participation of members in local, state and national elections.

To Educate not only citizens of Latino and Hispanic origin, but all citizens of El Paso in the American political process, the LNRC and the Republican Party.

To Elect qualified Latinos, Hispanics and all qualified Republican candidates to office at all levels of government.

****The Latino National Republican Coalition will be active and influential in national, state, and local politics. Our family of grassroots activists invite you to participate and make a difference*****

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