Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Racism; The Pot Calling The Kettle Black

These last few weeks have been interesting when it comes to the issue of racism. We had the NAACP calling out the leaders of the TEA Party to expel the bigots and racist in their ranks or take full responsibility for their actions.

I have to be honest with you, I agree. But at the same time I agree with his statement more than they would like me to. There is no room for racism anywhere. There is no room on the left and their is no room on the right. Our problem is that we tolerate it. Turning the other way on racism is just as bad as being racist.

Racism has no party affiliations and it knows no boundaries. The NAACP calls out the Tea Party but turns the other way on the actions of the New Black Panther Party. They must have not been watching their You Tube channel or where not notified of how the current administration refused to prosecute Black Panthers for voter intimidation after standing at a polling place with a billy clubs. The current administration tolerated the racism.

You might say, that doesn't affect me here in El Paso. But does it? Most of the time El Pasoans don't care as long as its not against "Mexicans". Just a few weeks ago Blanche Darley used the N word at the State DemocratIC convention and not a darn thing was done. Once again, it was tolerated.

If that is not enough, I'll use the most recent example. Ban Arizona is a group here in El Paso that pushes banning all businesses based out of Arizona to punish them for not standing up against SB 1070. They also pride themselves in spreading the Ban Hate campaign, yet they post pictures of what they believe are non Latinos(they racially profile) and post hateful and racist comments about them on their social network sites.

Racism needs to stop. It is our job to stop it. We can do that by not tolerating it. We can do it by putting people in their place when they tell you a racial joke, we can do it by telling people to stop forwarding you those racist jokes, we can stop it by holding people in power accountable for using racial slurs. We have to remember, one day its to one group but then the next it will be against our group. Let's stop racism in its tracks now.

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  1. President Jealous,,,that tells it all for the NAACP. Apparently, jealousy and racism dominates the NAACP.

    El Paso, in addition, follows suit with with Federal Government in hypocrisy, lying, cheating, stealing, racism, and other foul and criminal acts that are occuring now.
    Discrimination is being permitted by the UMC, private business is being intimidated, extorted, etc. by the El Paso City Council, unless you comply to the Council's unconstitutional demands. If any racism or criminal act is happening in this country, the majority of it is coming from all levels of government, especially the El Paso city and county government.


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