Friday, July 9, 2010

Double Standards; Blanche Darley Does it Again

Blanche Darley is a member of the Paso Del Norte Tejano Democrats and is going around the state of Texas spreading hate and using racial slurs. She used the N word at the Democratic State Convention held in Corpus Christi a few weeks ago referring to Don Williams, the new El Paso State Democratic Executive Committeeman. This wasn't the first time either.

I don't curse in my blogging(my momma might read it) so you can read the original blog by Jaime Abeytia here. I have to warn you, the N word makes several appearances in his post.

Now it seems that Mrs. Darley, who is the sister of long-time former Democratic State Rep Paul Moreno, holds some sort of leadership role in the Paso Del Norte Tejano Democrats. What type of leader is that? and where is she leading those poor blind sheep she has been herding? They are lucky there are not many cliffs here in El Paso.

The real question is why hasn't anything been done to Blanche Darley? Why has the El Paso DemocratIC Party given her a pass on her actions? A law was passed in Arizona that did not include the N word or in this case the W word(referring to a person's back) anywhere in the long document yet it is being called racist and has people up in arms.

Where are those people now? Why wasn't there a protest by a human rights group to protest her actions? Did they take this weekend off?

Is it because she is not white? For some reason only Anglos are accused of being racist now a days. Jan Brewer can't even say she ate brown rice for dinner without being accused of making a racial comment and causing the country to go into a panic. Talk about double standards. So much for people stereotyping the Republicans as racists. A racist is a racist, no matter the pigment of their skin or political affiliation.

I just hope the people of El Paso stand up and fight racism, even if it is within their own ranks.

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