Thursday, July 29, 2010

Look In The Mirror. What Do You See?

I look in the mirror and see someone who is out to do what is right. I see someone who is in a position to make a difference in a time where the word "token" is thrown around and used to describe the purpose of our very existence in the party. We are being put in a position where we can just go along for the ride until the election is over, or we can position ourselves to become the leaders of this nation when there are some Latinos that say that we will always just be the help.

You get what you expect. If you expect to always be the help you will be just that. But if you set your mind on being more, then you will be more. It is as simple as that. We as Latinos in the United States have a tendency of putting ourselves down. We tell each other that we shouldn't do certain things because the Anglo will never take us serious. Isn't that conforming to racism?

A reference was made referring to Latinos in politics to slaves in the field that really caught my attention. You can click on the link below to read the whole post.

"Even if massa’ brings you in the from fields to work inside the house, isn’t it still slavery?"

We enslave ourselves by making statements like that. We as Latinos are strong and hard working people but are not limited to field work. We are smart and intellectual, we are doctors we are scientist, we are engineers and we are lawyers. We are just like very other American, we are represented in every industry in the U.S. Our language is the only thing that sets us apart from everyone else and we have work on that because many are forgetting the language.

It is a numbers game. Latinos are the fastest growing ethnic group in the nation. There should be more Latinos in local, state and federal offices. Not because Latinos are better, but because the numbers are there. We have dropped the ball and put ourselves in this predicament. We don't go out and vote enough, we don't run for election enough and we sure don't help those who aren't eligible to vote become eligible enough. We need to get off our rear ends and do something about it and stop just complaining about it.

"Mejora La Raza" People in Mexico use this saying to encourage one another to make a difference. It literally means improve your race. I would hear my father say it when someone would do something stupid or do something to bring shame to people from Mexico. He told me that it was each persons responsibility to do what they could to improve the race and raise their own quality of life. It must be a really old saying or a tradition that has been forgotten because today's Latino in the U.S. sure doesn't think that way. Well, not all Latinos, just those who have fallen into the trap of government assistance. We all need help at one point or another, but to live a life dependent on government hand outs goes against the beliefs and traditions of Latinos around the world.

"Immigration The Right Way" I, like many others in El Paso have family members who are currently going through or recently have gone through immigration the right way. I am not talking about my ancestors who came over during the days of Pancho Villa, I am talking about relatives who are still alive, relatives who I see on a frequent basis. They waited in the lines, they filled out the forms and paid the fines to come into this country legally. How do you think they feel? If you talk to them or anyone who has recently gone through the process you will find that they are against allowing immigrants to stay without going through the proper procedure like they did. They have said that if the government allows undocumented immigrants to stay that they would ask for a refund. Now you and I know that will never happen.

Latinos have been turned against each other due to the failed campaign promises of our current administration. We need to stop race baiting, calling each other names and stop tearing ourselves down. We may not agree on how to get there, but we all want what is best for all Latinos. Engaging in conversations is one thing but gouging each others eyes out because we disagree will get us nowhere.

A very smart man told me; Be passionate about what you but don't get emotional. Being passionate is being consistent while being emotional is like being on a roller coaster.

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  1. Bravo, Sammy. Well said! It takes courage to stand for what you believe in. Your position is just as valid and worthy of respect as that "other guy's" (I know he's your friend, so out of repect for you, I will simply leave it at calling him that). I think the content of your character is self evident. God bless.


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