Friday, March 26, 2010

You Guys and the Controversial Health Care Bill (10%)

The recent passing of the Health Care Bill has caused so much controversy and has brought some wackos out of the wood works.

The Republican Party has been demonized by the actions of some extremist who oppose the passing of the Bill.

Reported incidents of death threats, cutting of gas lines, throwing bricks through windows and yelling of racial slurs against members who supported the health care bill have casted a shadow over the GOP.

As chair of the El Paso Latino National Republican Coalition, as an active member in the El Paso Republican Party and as a radio personality I have taken part in conversations about the threats of violence that normally include the words "you guys". Like me and the fellas went out one weekend and got a little crazy.

First of all, my guys and gals(can't forget the hard working women) have been too busy diligently working on the party on the local level to ensure the smooth transition from our current administration to our new found leadership to be messing with making threats of any kind.

Both the El Paso Latino National Republican Coalition and the El Paso Republican Party have released statements that clearly give their positions against the Health Care Bill and against the use of any violence.

It is always easy to make a blanket statement and blame "you guys." I don't think you can make a generalization of many by the action of a few.

A few you ask? There has been up to ten incidents that are being investigated by the FBI. Yeah, ten incidents. I agree one incident is one too many, but take this into consideration.

There are roughly 55 million registered Republicans in the United States. How can those ten all of a sudden be the majority. Don't label "us" by the actions of "those" few.

"Let He Who is Without Sin Cast the First Stone"

Nobody is perfect, we all have our faults and make mistakes. We are all human, well most of us.

All week I have been defending the Party. I have been taking heat from the left and from the.....oh wait just the left really. I have been taking my bumps and bruises over the actions of others that I had no control over.

All week long I have asked, "Diosito, Por que?" "Why God?".

I'm a man who believes in God but I'm not active in a church as I should be. How could I expect Him to help me? How could I expect Him to send me a sign or lead me to the right path?

Then on Thursday March 25th my prayers were answered. He sent me down a dark and gloomy path. A path that most of my kind(republicans) would not take.

I attended a Democrat Candidate forum.

He had sent me there to witness a revelation.

OK, "He" was the station manager who suggested we cover more political events for the station. Either way it was an awakening.

I was shocked to see what took place before my eyes.

The screaming, the fighting, the threats of violence, the insults.

All that was not just limited to the candidates.

Oh no, the lynch mobs were out in full force.

That's when I realized....... there are crazy violent wackos on both sides of the aisle. They are not just on the left or on the right.

But for some reason we always blame each other.

Don't be fooled by my name;

I am no one to judge.(In a really old book Samuel was a prophet or a judge)

I can easily call "you guys" a bunch of screaming and yelling, threat making, no respect having, stereotyping, social justice stomping, chair throwing, fight causing, finger pointing, rumor starting, fact changing, issue dodging, out of control maniacs.

But I won't. That's because I can see that the isolated incident, that had about 150 people and at least 20 acts of violence, does not speak for the the party as whole.

It was more like a temporary case of turrets.

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