Sunday, April 22, 2012

I'm Keeping My Promise

First of all I want to say thank you to all the members of the Resolutions Committee at the 2012 El Paso County Republican County Convention. I think you all did a good job.

Secondly I would like to share an old cliche that just somehow never gets old with me. Things happen for a reason. I was asked to be on the resolutions committee even though I had never been on that committee before. I said, what the heck. Putting resolutions together that could help create the official Republican Party of Texas platform  could be a good thing. So I agreed. We heard resolutions ranging from issues dealing with chem-trails, jury duty parking, bi-lingual education, the federal reserve to funding for public libraries. But the one resolution that was submitted that made me be glad to volunteer for the committee was the resolution that dealt with the consolidation of Police and Sheriff's Department. Anybody who has read at least two of my previous blog posts or has accidentally ran into any of my Facebook postings knows that I have vowed to do everything in my power to keep Richard Wiles from getting reelected and doing everything in my power to keep the city and county from consolidating law enforcement services. I have said it so much that I was sent away to complete my 40 days and 40 nights covenant on Richard Wiles' campaign launch party. Was that just coincidental? Did the revelations posted on my blog come true? Or are my words striking a nerve.? Only he knows.

The person who proposed the resolution presented it to the committee and gave testimony on it. The testimony had a fiscally conservative message to it and sounded like something a conservative should support. Then I jumped into action. I explained to the committee members the real reason why El Paso County Sheriff Richard Wiles was pushing for the consolidation of law enforcement services. I told them that this was an attempt by Richard Wiles and Joyce Wilson to make Richard Wiles the ultimate law enforcement agent in El Paso County. Even though the resolution sounded like it would save ta payers money, I was able to convince them not to vote for the resolution citing the lawsuit by Diana Kirk that alleges that she was passed over as the replacement for Richard Wiles to promote Greg Allen who she alleges was not the best candidate for the position. If that wasn't enough, Alejandro Lozano, a former El Paso City Representative testified that Richard Wiles was against the idea when Lozano was on the city council because Wiles feared he would loose his job but now supports it because he knows he will be the ultimate law enforcement agent in El Paso. The resolution failed unanimously because the person who proposed it did not have enough information such as studies done to prove that a metro police department would in fact save tax payers money and prove that crime would decrease. 

This was the only resolution that started off as being liked by most committee members but then was voted down after testimony. Like I said at the beginning of this post. Everything happens for a reason. I'm just glad I was able to be on that committee and was able to convince the resolutions committee that Wiles' attempts to lure conservatives to support his plan that would supposedly save tax payers money is an attempt of big brother trying to take over El Paso. I said I would consider something like this ONLY after the public corruption investigation was over and ALL the corrupt elected officials had been replaced by Constitution abiding officials who have the best interest of El Pasoans in mind and not their own power hungry interest. 

To my buddy Bobby: I know you say I should just move on, but you have to admit, this was some sort of divine intervention. 

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  1. I guess that you are never going to consider something like this resolution because I see no end to the corruption investigations (for the foreseeable future).


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