Thursday, March 22, 2012

Words from the "wise"

La Chancla (my dog flip flop)
Sit, roll over, play dumb. Good boy.
It's a dog eat dog world.

I'm going to to do something different today and take this opportunity to give credit where credit is due. We spend so much time talking about how wrong, loud, obnoxious, stupid, misguided they are. We talk about how they are opportunist who would even give up their own mother just to get ahead in life. But we never take time to tell them when they are right. Until today.

I really hate to admit it when a total loser is right but like I said earlier, I have to give credit where credit is due. In an article written in Newspaper Tree back in September 8, 2009; Jaime "The Lying Star Blob" tells all his readers what we have been saying all along.
"My basic point to Macias was the fact that Barraza was only elected because he was a Democrat and that if voters knew more about his history and political party was taken out of the equation, he wouldn't have won."
That statement would still be true if you replace Barraza's name with many Democrat candidates or incumbents today. This is a perfect example of how somebody doesn't know how right they are. Knowing my dog, he will turn this around and say he would rather vote for a bad Democrat any day than vote for a good Republican. But either way people would like to know. Does The Lying Star Blob urge people to learn about the candidates and vote for the best candidate even if it is a Republican or does he urge them to continue the tradition of electing people who have a D next to their name on the ballot and continue to contribute to the corruption that plagues our city and surrounding communities?  The people want to know.

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